Winter Operations Conference

Michigan Winter Operations Conference

October 2021 - TBD   |   LOCATION/FORMAT TBD



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The Michigan Winter Operations Conference will be your chance to:​

  • Deploy Innovation in Your Winter Maintenance Program
    As a registered attendee, you will have full access to two days of technical presentations and equipment demonstrations. Mechanics and operators as well as managers and supervisors will benefit from content geared to their unique needs. Explore this year's line up of presentations and events in the conference flyer.
  • Connect with Industry Experts
    This year's conference features suppliers of winter maintenance equipment, materials, and services from accross the country who are ready to showcase their latest technologies and techniques in fighting snow. The Exhibitor Showcase gives you a unique opportunity to talk with two dozen industry experts and to interact with their indoor and outdoor displays.
  • Network with Fellow Snowfighters
    Preparation is the key to a successful season of winter maintenance. New technologies, changes in operational practices, and routine maintenance can all save your agency money once the snow starts to fly. To help you gear up for next snow season, Michigan Winter Operations Conference is the place where you can listen to, learn from, and share ideas with your peers from state, county, and municipal agencies.


You can learn more about the Michigan Winter Operations Conference by exploring conference flyer as well as the agenda and presentations from previous conference, accessible from the "Previous Years" tab.

The Michigan Winter Operations Conference is a conference of the Center for Technology & Training (CTT), made possible through the support of multiple transportation and public works agencies. It is hosted each year by the CTT, home of Michigan's Local Technical Assistance Program. For more information on the conference or for registration information, please explore the tabs, above, on


Register for Winter Ops 2020
Sample of the 2020 conference flyer (click to view)


Join us for the 2021 Michigan Winter Operations Conference! Registration for the 2021 Winter Operations Conference opens in the summer 2021. More information about the conference is in the conference flyer and is listed below.

The registration fee includes:

  • Full access to all technical sessions and exhibits
  • Live virtual interaction with all presenters
  • Conference handouts and other materials (electronic and/or hard copy)
  • Participation in the Ugly Snow Plow Competition (see below)

For on-site events: Registration does not include accommodations; the conference flyer contains for more details on accommodations that are available for participants. Please notify us in advance if you have special dietary needs. NOTE: Michigan Tech reserves the right to use any pictures taken during this event for advertising and/or instructional purposes.

Check out the presentations from the 2019 Winter Operations Conference, below, to see a sampling of the topics covered during the conference.

CANCELLATION POLICY: No-shows and cancellations within three business days prior to the event will be charged the full registration fee. Substitutions will be accepted.

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Continuing Education
The conference will count for instructional hours for continuing education for professional engineers; the number of hours is yet to be determined. The CTT’s continuing education policy is available at



A look back at 2019 Winter Operations Conference...


Winter Operations Conference flyer


1. Michigan State Police: Commercial Driver's License Requirements Update
Sergeant Joseph Austin—Michigan State Police

2. Michigan State Police: Open Forum
Sergeant Joseph Austin—Michigan State Police

3. Panel—Cutting Edges
Dean Reid—City of Novi - Department of Public Works
Gerald Danforth—Ironhawk Industrial Distribution, LLC

4. Keeping Trailers Connected to the Truck
Fred Whitford, PhD—Purdue University

5. Bulk Rock Salt: Where & How
Roger Wilson—Cargill Salt

6. Winter Maintenance Training Opportunities & Resources
Ken Flore—Michigan Department of Transportation
Mark Crouch—Michigan Department of Transportation

7. RWIS in Your Daily Operation
Mark DeVries—Vaisala, Inc.
Melissa Longworth—Michigan Department of Transportation

8. Snow Plow Operator Training: Who, What, & and Why
Willis Greer—Road Commission for Oakland County
Duane Poole—Bloomfield Township

9. Training for the Public Works Professional
Rich Domonkos—Indiana Local Technical Assistance Program

10. Panel—Problem or Opportunity: Hiring & Training Drivers & Operators
Willis Greer—Road Commission for Oakland County
Duane Poole—Bloomfield Township

11. A Second Look at the Winter Maintenance Toolbox
Rich Domonkos—Indiana Local Technical Assistance Program

12. Using Loader Scales to Measure & Manage Salt
Joe Steiger—Trimble-Loadrite



13. Extracting Stuck Equipment Safely
Fred Whitford, PHD—Purdue University

14. Panel—Brine Systems: Research, Bid, Installation, & Implementation
Brian Gutowski, PE—Emmet County Road Commission
Gerry McCallum—City of Orchard Lake
Steven Wessels—Michigan Department of Transportation

15. Weather Forecasting
Pat Bak—National Weather Service—Gaylord

16. Panel—Police to Practice: Winter Maintenance Expectations
Matt Wiktorowski—City of Novi
Brian Gutowski, PE—Emmet County Road Commission

Equipment, materials, and services are key pieces of the winter maintenance puzzle. Attendees will be looking for you to help them put the pieces together. Don’t miss this chance to talk to decision-makers about how you can help them prepare for the coming winter.


Virtual exhibit registration is opening next week. Virtual exhibitors will receive a virtual booth and a Zoom session to interact with attendees. Please view the 2020 Exhibitor Information sheet for more information and to begin the exhibitor registration process from the link inside the sheet.  If you are on our mailing list, you will receive an e-mail notification as soon as the registration process opens.



Each year, we try to provide you with the most innovative and timely topics related to technology, training, and technical assistance. If you are presenting for us during this year's presentation, here are a few helpful tips:

  • Create an outline for your presentation. Make sure you have a clear central idea and three to four audience take-aways. This will help you create a presentation that is easy for your audience to follow.
  • Keep points simple and succinct. You're an expert, but there are many people in the audience that are new to this information.
  • Use large type, standard fonts, and strong contrast on your slides. This will guarantee that your audience will see what's most important.
  • Use simplified charts and graphs instead of tables. The finer details work best for printable charts, graphs, and tables. When you omit these details from your slides, don't worry: you can still talk about them if you feel that some of those details were helpful for context.
  • Use images where possible. And, remember: any words on your slide should not be repeating the words you are saying; otherwise, you and your slides will be redundant.
  • Use video only if it is the best or only way to communicate your point. Be sure to clip videos to the most salient sections. Your audience is there to hear you!

Please feel free to contact us at if you need assistance in constructing your presentation. We will be happy to help you!


Do you know a person who is knowledgeable about an innovative technology or a timely training topic? Do you know something about a technology or technique that you think would help your peers? Please take a moment to suggest a person you know or yourself as a potential speaker at one of our upcoming conferences using the form below. 


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The links below contain the conference brochure and presenter slideshows (you'll be redirected to the Michigan LTAP website for events that took place before 2012).