Internship Opportunities

Internship Opportunities

Design your own internship at the Center for Technology & Training! Focus on a specific field or mix a few areas of interest to build skills and develop connections. Gain valuable real-world experience working and build your resume. We know you're a student first - so we offer flexible scheduling. 

Our internships pay competitively, based on experience. 

Multi-Disciplinary Engineering
  • Work with civil and structural engineers on active research projects.
  • Create testing and training materials. 
  • Write engineering articles for The Bridge newsletter.
  • Support continuing education engineering events.
  • Create marketing and promotional materials. 
  • Plan and support conferences, webinars, and other events. 
  • Track and analyze marketing data. 
  • Create and implement strategic marketing initiatives. 
Software Documentation
  • Create step-by-step documentation. 
  • Design icons and other graphic elements. 
  • Develop website content.
Technical Writing
  • Write articles for The Bridge newsletter. 
  • Develop training and marketing content. 
  • Develop presentations and support CTT events. 


We also offer specialized internships in the following fields:

Software engineering

Information technology

To Apply:


  • Resume w/references
  • Cover Letter
  • Portfolio or 2-3 examples of relevant work (can be examples of work from a current or former class - essay, projects, lab report, etc.)

For questions or to apply, email